DJI Mavic Filter Cinema Series ND4

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Engineered specifically for the DJI Mavic camera

The PolarPro Cinema Series ND4 filter for the DJI Mavic Pro reduces the cameras shutter speed by 2 stops. Featuring the highest-grade glass and coatings delivering perfect optics, the Cinema Series is for pilots who demand the absolute best. Cinema Series for the DJI Mavic feature an aluminum frame which is thin enough to stay on during gimbal start-up. filter is manufactured with PolarPro’s AirFrame featherlight design for smooth gimbal operation. The Cinema Series for the DJI Mavic comes with a lifetime warranty ensuring they will last. Cinema Series™ Glass: PolarPro’s filter collection using the highest end glass and coatings available for pilots who demand the best. Cinema Series glass has a high light transmission and a low refractive index. Airframe™ Construction: PolarPro’s filter design specifically for aerial filming. Feather-light construction utilizes a precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame for smooth gimbal operation. ND4 Filter (1.31g): This filter reduces the camera’s shutter speed by 2 f-stops. We use this filter most often when filming at dusk or dawn, or on cloudy days.


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